After suffering with nighttime sneezing, runny nose fits for most of my life due to dust mite allergies I finally invested in a Carrier heating/cooling system my allergists have recommended to me. Not only have my symptoms nearly disappeared, I don’t need to dust as often either! Preventive health care makes sense because I feel good all the time instead of always treating a problem.

Kathryn Dikkers

These people are really first class. I had a need for installation of a hot water heater. I had a new heater, I needed someone to uninstall the old one and install the new one. So, this was not a big job money wise.  I called and spoke to Debbie. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about what I would need. She gave me options and then went through how Daniels would do it. She gave me an estimate of what each item or option would cost. She was very courteous and made me feel like my job was important to Daniels. We agreed to go ahead. She scheduled a time and day that was good for me. On the day of installation, she called me to tell me Stacy would be at my house late that morning. Stacy arrived at 11:15, just as Debbie said. Stacy was extremely competent and seemed motivated to complete the job as quickly and correctly as possible. He answered my many questions in a friendly manner, but didn’t slow down his pace. As it turned out, everything went very well, and Stacy completed the job in less time than normal. I thought that Daniels might try to pad the bill a little bit. I was satisfied originally with the cost estimate I got from Debbie. I knew everything had gone well with the job. So, I tried to estimate what the final bill might be. The next day Debbie called me with the final bill. It was 2/3 rds of her original estimate. My final personal estimate of what the bill should be was about 3/4ths of her original estimate. In other words, my estimate of a reasonable charge was higher than their final bill So, in my opinion these people are capable and honest. As I customer, I couldn’t ask for more than that.

John Beck

“My outdated main steel septic tank collapsed on Saturday night on 4-5-14. I phoned Daniels Plumbing on the morning of Monday 4-7-14. Dayton Daniels was at my home the same Monday to assess the situation and give me a bid on the job. Dayton had a map of my current system in hand from the county. Dayton gave me a bid and stated that he could return to the county and get an emergency permit and complete the job of replacing the main septic tank with a new concrete tank. Dayton also stated he could complete the job on Wednesday of the same week. I was sceptical of the time frame but Dayton and his crew showed up early Wednesday morning and had the job completed and inspected by 1pm on the same day. I thought the price was reasonable and witnessed the work they did from start to finish. Dayton and his crew did a professional job and were very thorough with this difficult project. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniels Plumbing and Heating to anyone. In fact, I would recommend them.”

Stanley Murzyn

“In December, of 2010 our family, after rather extensive research, finally purchased a Navien on demand water heater to replace our old, conventional water heater. We knew the unit would provide us with a never-ending supply of hot water, and we had read the information about the efficiency, but it wasn’t until this summer that we finally truly realized the real savings from the unit. During the past two months, our natural gas usage had dropped an average of 51%. Winter has too many weather related variables, but during the summer, we have had very stable usage from year to year, and are able to narrow in on the efficiency of our unit. In addition to our decrease in gas usage, WE Energies dropped our monthly budget bill by over 17% ! In today’s world, ever dollar counts, especially with three kids and a “few” long showers ! The service and support from Dayton and his staff has been awesome, and as customers of Daniels’ for over 20 years, we aren’t surprised. Thanks to Dayton and his crew for helping us get our system selected, and installed.”

Wayne and Kathryn Koball
Siren, Wisconsin

Wayne and Kathryn Koball

“My wife and I did an addition to our home which included 3 bathrooms and in-floor radiant heat. We had some very unique plumbing and heating requirements which required them to tie the existing plumbing into the new and they worked with us to find a creative solution. Daniels Plumbing handled the job with creativity and professionalism. Later, when we had an unrelated plumbing challenge, they had a plumber at our home within 45 minutes.”

Jake and Holly Mangelsen

“I have found Daniels Plumbing and Heating to truly be a life saver over the past years for both my business and my home. Using his services has saved me thousands of dollars in potential lost sales due to plumbing emergencies in the restaurant. Even during bitter cold weather and on holiday weekends they have been available to help us out. In addition to the emergency work Dayton has also made water conservation recommendations that have saved my business money. I highly recommend Daniels Plumbing and Heating for all of your plumbing and heating needs, both commercially and in your home.”

Gary Kannenberg, Founder and Owner
Adventures Restaurant and Pub
7710 Park St. West
Siren, WI 54872

Gary Kannenberg

“When my wife and I chose to add geothermal to the mix of requirements for a new home build, we relied on “Daniels Plumbing and Heating, Inc.” to configure and install a system meeting our needs to include: in-floor heat, forced air heating and cooling. From start to finish, Dayton Daniels and his team impressed us with additional innovations added during the installation and outstanding customer service displayed as last minute changes we made. Timing of work completion with other trades was met even when last minute issues arose. Whether we had questions or made last minute changes, Dayton quickly responded and always went the extra mile to make sure the job was done right. In the future, if I need any heating or plumbing needs, Dayton is the person I will call.”

Rick Haffley