“In December, of 2010 our family, after rather extensive research, finally purchased a Navien on demand water heater to replace our old, conventional water heater. We knew the unit would provide us with a never-ending supply of hot water, and we had read the information about the efficiency, but it wasn’t until this summer that we finally truly realized the real savings from the unit. During the past two months, our natural gas usage had dropped an average of 51%. Winter has too many weather related variables, but during the summer, we have had very stable usage from year to year, and are able to narrow in on the efficiency of our unit. In addition to our decrease in gas usage, WE Energies dropped our monthly budget bill by over 17% ! In today’s world, ever dollar counts, especially with three kids and a “few” long showers ! The service and support from Dayton and his staff has been awesome, and as customers of Daniels’ for over 20 years, we aren’t surprised. Thanks to Dayton and his crew for helping us get our system selected, and installed.”

Wayne and Kathryn Koball
Siren, Wisconsin